In my footsteps

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As a writer and editor, I don’t get much glory. That’s not because I can’t write or edit, but because 90% of my writing/editing jobs require a ghostwriting or non-disclosure contract. I’m willing to sign them, but it does leave me with a thin resume, if you know what I mean.

It took me a long time to realize that I wanted to write. After being sidelined at work to write for others (including my boss’ admission paper for her Master’s), I decided that if my writing was going to help promote anyone, it should be me. That took me about 18 years of work to figure out.  By the way, my boss got in and got her promotion as a result.

Anyway, moving along, I always wanted my four daughters to start out doing what they really wanted to do, and not end up in a dead end job at the bottom of the wage totem pole while they worked to better everyone else. And they are. The oldest is only 24, and she’s been an assistant manager and was just told that she’s doing so well they are going to give her her own store to run on her own. She gets to hire her own staff and promotions, etc. How cool is that…

The two youngest girls are still in high school, taking their time deciding what to do with their life, while they’re busy straightening or curling their hair (sometimes in the same day), playing sports, watching t.v., and being downright cute.

The second oldest is going away to college next week. I’m going to miss her so much.

But I support her. She wants to do what I do, but she has bigger dreams… She wants to write her own books, but she also wants to own her own publishing company. She’s got the talent and the drive to do it, too. Heather is a go-getter.

She’s a lot like me.  Okay, not a lot. She’s taller than me and very lean, which truth be told, isn’t my claim to fame. But she has ideas, spinning in her head, much like me.

She says, “Mom, let’s….” and she means it.  I say, ” I want to…” and often stop there.

So, when Heather goes off to school to follow in my footsteps, I hope she takes the best of me with her, but keeps the best of herself – her unique, beautiful, talented, driven self. I hope she finds that her footsteps are bigger than mine and that blazes a trail for herself that no one else can fill.

I hope that someday she has a daughter who wants to follow in her footsteps, too, so she knows the pride that I felt when she said she wanted to do what I do. Go do it, Heather. Do it well. Do it better.

But, I’m still gonna miss you, princess.


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