Neutrogena Skin ID or ProActiv

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Our oldest daughter has clear skin. She’s one of the lucky ones, managing to escape her teen years with only the occasional breakout or pimple. However, the next daughter in line didn’t get so lucky. About the time she turned 16, her skin decided to erupt, causing angry red spots across her cheeks, jaw, chin, and around her mouth.

Of course, we tried different things and also tried to determine just what was causing this. She’s always been healthy, tall, and slim. Her 5’10” frame didn’t have an ounce of fat on it, as she was careful not to eat too many sweets or starches and made sure she drank a lot of water. She read everything she could find about how diet affects the skin, and even limited her caffeine intake. But nothing worked.

So, we finally listened to Jessica Simpson and bought ProActiv. Since you can’t find it in stores in our area, I went online and signed up to receive a monthly skin care kit in the mail. We had every hope that the product worked as depicted in the commercials, and she was excited to get started.

Her skin improved, but never cleared up. The ProActiv skin care system did not eliminate her breakouts, but made them less severe. Her face was about 50% better, which, truth be told, is still not good. Plus, she still got the occasional angry pimples that would get infected, something no girl or guy ever wishes for. After time, her skin also started to dry out – something I’ve heard others who used the product claim, as well.

So, we tried something different. This time, we went for the Doctor’s Clear Skin System – Therapeutix. It wasn’t as effective, but using one of the three products that came in the mail each month seemed to help a little, so we kept getting it.

Over time, both products lost their effectiveness. Neither delivered what they promised.

Now, I know I could have put my teenage daughter on ‘the pill’ to help clear up her skin, but I wasn’t so certain that was the right answer, for us anyway. And my sister’s kids had the same or similar problem and a determatologist put them on antibiotics, which seemed to help. But, I was reluctant to have her on antibiotics when she was healthy. Would her body build up an immunity to them, and what would happen then if she got sick and needed them for her health?

Then, I saw an ad for Neutrogena Skin ID. I remembered when I was a teenager that I broke out overnight. My face was such a big, red mess that my mom took me to the doctor. Was it hives? What would cause this literally overnight? The doctor didn’t know, but he told me to use Neutrogena soap, the clear brown bar of soap on drug store shelves. I did, and my face improved. I used that soap for the next six years and never had another breakout like that again.

I shared that story with my daughter, and she said can we try this Skin ID? Sure, I said, I wanted to help her. We went on line and filled out the survey, with me by her side helping her to answer each and every question as honestly as possible. When we finished and hit the submit button, we waited, ready to learn which products were best for her skin type and problems.

She put the ProActiv and Therapeutix aside and used only the Skin ID system once it arrived. We noticed a difference in two days. In a week, she was left with only a few spots on her face. Within two weeks, her skin was practically clear. It wasn’t dry, irritated, or infected. She’s now been using the Neutrogena Skin ID system for nine months, and it hasn’t lost its effectiveness and is still working. Sure, she gets the occasional monthly breakout, but it’s short-term and minor.

She went to school and forgot to take it with her, washing her face in the morning and leaving it sitting on the counter. The breakout returned. I told her to go to the store and buy Neutrogena soap and acne treatment – they wouldn’t be the same strength as what she gets in her personal skin ID kit, but they did help. She comes home in two days and will find that this month’s kit just arrived in the mail. I’ll make sure it’s with her when she leaves.  It’s been one of her best and most faithful friends in her fight against breakouts.

Our experience revealed that for our daughter, Neutrogena Skin ID beat ProActiv and Therapeutix hands down in the war against acne. This isn’t a commercial or an advertisement, but just one mom sharing something that did work with other moms who might also need to know.


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Interesting Article.

This really helps, im going to but skin ID rite now.

I get pleasure from, cause I discovered just what I
was taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt!
God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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