Halloween Costumes for Little Goblins

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Halloween was always a big holiday around our house.  The kids would dress up, I would dress up and sometimes so would the Dad. I always made the kids’ costumes, originality being everything that it’s cracked up to be! We’d have a party, inviting all the kids we knew for a scavenger hunt, costume parade and contest, games, and food.  I miss those days.

My philosophy:  Halloween is the only time in your life you can be whatever you want to be. Sure, they tell you that you can as you grow up, but we all know better. There are too many obstacles, not enough money, too young, too old, too short, too tall, too poor, too rich, too serious, too layed back…you get the idea.

So, every year, we packed up and headed to the fabric store where Fantasyland does exist, and each child picked a costume and fabric, and I sewed my fingers to the bone for two months – with four kids, a cat, a dog, a job and a husband. What was I thinking?

Original costume ideas we came up with that you might like to use:

A Christmas Tree:  Oh yes, and it was good. Crocheted candy canes adored a green felt costume shaped like a tree. The hat (top of the tree) was a triangle which sat atop the costume ( a round circle was cut out to expose the entire face). Then, we made the tree extra special and zig zagged battery operated colored Christmas lights across it. Everyone could see her, and everyone who did would make her stop so they could get a picture, get their husband, get their kids… to come see this!

We were the Flintstones! Wilma, Fred, and Pebbles were so easy to make – again use felt (you can glue it instead of sewing it (velcro is a good friend here, too). Wilma’s necklace was styrofoam balls strung on fishing line. The bone in Pebbles hair was plastic, and Fred’s club was one of those fat wiffle ball bats.  Sam was Dino, sewn and stuffed, amazing costume…but it took weeks to make.

Got a little one? How about making him/her an M & M?  Buy two large matching round pillows in the color of the M & M you want, paint a white “M” on the front and back – connect with velcro or elastic straps over each shoulder and under each arm)- a few stitches, white leggings  tights or sweat pants and a white sweatshirt or turtleneck and you’re good to go!

An older child might enjoy being a table… yes, a table. Get a large box and cut a hole in the center of the top for the head, and a hole on each side for the arms. Cut a hole in the center of a round tablecloth and glue it over the top of the box. Use a glue gun and attach a plastic bowl, spoon, fork, and small plastic cup.  Place a hat adorned with plastic fruit on child’s head.  Cute!

I’ll try to scan some photos and party ideas, sharing them with you in the next week. Halloween only comes once a year, but we enjoyed every minute!


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