Refrigerators and Rainbows

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rainbow 001In 1985, we had our first child. Concidentally, that was the year we bought our very first refrigerator. Actually, well, I stand corrected. Our only refrigerator.

Yup, its about 25 years old. It’s Almond colored and heavily used.  I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t even notice that it looks out of date. But, alas, it’s time for a new one. Even though this one still works and has never required one teensie weensie repair – not a one.

I’m excited about getting a new fridge. Oh, the colors, the styles. It’s fun and exciting, but then I look back to the only fridge we’ve known, good old dependable Roper that it is, and I know that a new fridge can’t fill its shoes.

Our fridge has provided the frame for over 500 rainbows, each unique and beautiful in its own right. Coloring book pages usually sat alongside, scribbled or intricately and painstakingly completed to perfection. Each had the author’s name prominently displayed.

I love you’s have covered it’s doors, as well as pictures of family and friends, some who are still with us, some who are not.

There have been progress reports, report cards, and other indications of our growth proudly taking residence for all to see. There have been sports schedules galore, graduation announcements and party invitations. There have been magnets from every industry and walk of life.

There have been fingerprints. Little ones which were cleaned, soon to be replaced by slightly larger ones.

Inside it’s housed far too many baby bottles to calculate, birthday cakes, and play doh. It’s done it well, and been there as its doors have been opened at least 40 times a day.

As I look at it now, it’s buck naked. Robbed of all personality and memories, it is nothing more than a large, old appliance. Taking its place will be a shiny new appliance which doesn’t know our family, our history, our demands, and our needs.  A new refrigerator which will never be trusted with the care of a baby’s bottle and will, sadly, find that the rainbows which adorn it are fewer and far between.

It’s just a refrigerator, but it really is so much more. It symbolizes 25 years of fun, laughter, comfort, nourishment, and parties. It’s welcomed guests to its fold, inviting them to partake of its contents and be entertained by its artwork. It’s been abused and it’s been used.

It’s the first thing the kids turn to when they come home from college or high school. It’s just a refrigerator, but given its contributions to our family for the last 25 years, it’s gonna be bittersweet to let it go.


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