Oh My! The Baby is Blonde!

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Oh My! The Baby is Blonde!

Our youngest, Emily, is blonde. Not only is it her hair color, but it’s also her ability to speak without thinking and to hear without listening.

There’s almost ten years between her and the oldest, Sam, and the difference is like night and day. Sam is a manager, organized as they come and always, always mindful of what she says. Sometimes to a fault.

Emily just spews it out, whatever “it” is. She’s the kid who unwittingly makes everyone crack up. Have her walk into a conversation and it’s like a game of telephone–you just never know what her intrepretation will be.

On her sister’s wedding day a couple months ago, she gave us a prime example. Rose, our daughter’s future mother-in-law was with the bride and bridesmaids in the building next to the church, getting ready and waiting for my cue that all was clear and they could walk to the church (the groom couldn’t see the bride at all before the wedding).

Emily (15 years old) was nervous, saying that she just knew she was going to cry when her sister got married.

Rose told her not to worry. There would be Kleenex in the pews.

Emily, getting blonder by the moment, said Oh Good! I haven’t eaten anything yet!

It was time to step out and walk to the church. Emily first, followed by the bride. Their conversation went like this:

Sam to her younger sister:

“Emily, I hate to break it to you, but, you’re not going to eat peanuts at my wedding. She said there would be Kleenex in the pews, not peanuts.”

Here’s Emily’s reaction.

She can laugh at herself!

She still makes me crack up. Oh and she’s still blonde!

Read more about Emily, Sam and the funny experiences of raising kids every parent can relate to! Caution: Children Should Come With Warning Labels is available at Amazon.com and at http://www.urbanedgepublishing.com


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