Another Symptom of Peanut Allergies

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Another symptom of peanut allergies

My neice just turned one. Her mom knows not to give peanuts or peanut butter to a child under the age of two, but yet she found out that her child is allergic to peanuts in another way.

As mom was eating a peanut butter sandwich, she reached across to wipe something off the baby’s cheek. Within minutes, the spot was a flaming red and swollen mark on the child’s face. Quickly, she washed it with soap and water, and watched it closely. The washing did the trick and it started to fade and return to normal little by little til it was gone.

But yet, it troubled her. Why did her daughter’s skin react that way? She then realized that she had a peanut butter sandwich and must have brushed it along her cheek. To be safe, rather than sorry, she asked their doctor who suggested that she get the baby in for allergy testing.

She did, and the tests revealed that the baby is allergic to peanuts! We all know that this is a life-threatening allergy and one parents must be very attentive to. But who knew that merely having peanut butter on the skin can produce an allergic reaction?

I’m sharing this in the hopes that another mom or dad might find the information useful. Sometimes, the skin tells you more than you think. Pay attention; it might be telling you something you need to know.

Peanuts on the skin can produce an allergic reaction. If they do, follow up and get your child tested right away!


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Hi..thank you for allowing me to comment. I found your blog by searching “parenting” from the search engine. My name is Andika, I’m from Indonesia, a father of a 2 years old girl. I’ve just make a blog about parenting. Most of the contents are about my little family, especially my daughter. I put many of my daughter’s photos and videos and stories of how I enjoy my life as a parent. I hope you’ll enjoy it…

Thanks again and have a nice day! πŸ™‚

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It’s the first comment, lol. Thanks again for visting my blog. Have a nice day… πŸ™‚

You are welcome! Thank you, too, for stopping by!

Btw, I’m going to put a link to your blog from my homepage, if that’s okay with you…

Please tell me if you want me to remove it. Thanks.

Sounds great! I’ll link yours, too, give me some time to finish a few projects!

I completed the link! Your site should be up!

Thank you Patti. That is your name, right? Patti McKenna?

Yes, my name is Patti McKenna.

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