A Valentine’s Letter from Cupid to my Husband

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Aww, my husband doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have a wife who doubles as Cupid. This is the corny letter I sent him on Valentines Day 1980:

Dear Pat,

This is your old friend, Cupid, the Roman God of Love and Son of Venus, sending you greetings for love and joy this Valentine’s Day. Oh, don’t think I don’t know how you men feel about Valentine’s Day. I’ve heard it all: “It’s just another day,” and “It’s a sentimental, corny day set aside for Hallmark to make more money.” Well, I’m here to tell you that all that you have heard isn’t true. There truly is a purpose for this day, and I’m not the little naked, winged boy who has been depicted on many cards and pictures, which I’m sure you’ve seen. Oh, I do carry a bow and arrow, and I do use them well. Cupid doesn’t miss his aim often, my friend. You see, Cupid is magic. I use moondust and starlight, love potions, and twilight to create my spell. I can only do the best I can, for the rest, well, time will tell.

On a cold day in November, 1980, I saw Patti, a lovelorn woman whom I admit had been neglected by myself. I knew that in order to restore her faith in me, I would have to replace the passion, emotion, and trust that she’d lost. To do this, I sought the assistance of Lady Luck. She searched for the perfect man and the opportunity for their paths to cross. As soon as you were spotted, we knew we had the perfect match. Don’t get me wrong, though, we knew we had our work cut out for us. I shot my arrow laced with starlight to put the twinkle back in her eye, and the one with moondust to wrap her in a glow only a woman in love could wear. My task was almost done. It took only a sip of love potion for compassion, patience, understanding and devotion. The rest was up to Father Time.

Now, years later, as I look upon the two of you, I am rewarded. I see the joy you bring to each other everyday and the strength you bring to her life. This type of love is the meaning of St. Valentine’s Day, and anything that meaningful deserves a special day each year. Don’t you think so, Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day,


Now, I look back on it and wonder, “What the hell was Cupid drinking?”


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2 Responses to “A Valentine’s Letter from Cupid to my Husband”

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OMG – Cupid must have consumed a bottle of wine… but, hey, we all did crazy things in the 80s. Don’t even get me started on my hair!

I remember the curly big bangs – We call it the Eunice look!

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