I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

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It’s surprising that I consider Halloween to be one of the funnest holidays, especially since I have I’m not a big fan of  ghosts and vampires.  My fear of vampires resulted from spending too many Friday nights watching Creature Features with brothers who found humor in making their sister cry. I can recall even going to bed with garlic, that’s how petrified I was.

My fear of ghosts, though, is another story. I should point out that I’m not afraid of all ghosts, just those who I never knew while they were on earth. Unlike vampires (which I really don’t believe in), do I believe in ghosts? Hell yes, I do!

My belief in ghosts come from many things.

A couple years before we lived together, my husband bought a small house from an estate. It had previously belonged to an elderly couple who had both recently passed away. It was in need of work, and he had the time and the money. It was going to be an investment property – he wanted to rent it out and make a few bucks. But along came our first child and that plan changed. Needing a place to call home, we moved in.

My husband worked swing shift, so the baby and I spent many a night alone. Fittingly, she chose those times to talk to people who weren’t there. The first time, we were in the living room and I was rocking her. She sat up and looked toward the kitchen and said, “Hi.” I turned my head, seeing nothing, then asked who she was talking to. “Man” was all she said. She was so believable that I called my brother-in-law to come and stay with me.

The next time, I was being all Betty Crocker-like, baking a cake. We pulled a chair up to the counter so Sam could stand and “help” me, by putting her hand on top of mine as I used the mixer. Things were going smoothly, I mean she hadn’t sprayed chocolate batter all over the kitchen yet, when she stopped and looked to her right and asked, “Who’s that?”

Again, I looked up and again saw nothing. “Who’s who?” I replied.

“That lady in the blue dress,” she said.

Again, just to be sure, I looked and saw nobody. “There’s no lady in a blue dress,” I teased nonchalantly, like “oh, you silly goose.”

She looked up again, then said, “There was. Where’d she go?”

If that was all, it would be okay, but when my husband came home and I told him about our second invisible person encounter, he said, “Patti, when I first saw this house, there was a large picture of Laura (the lady who used to own the house) on the wall. The picture was haunting; I’ve never forgotten it. It was like she was staring at me. She was wearing a blue dress.”

Okay, so big deal, I wasn’t convinced. Until one day something happened in the basement.

Once again, hubby wasn’t home and Sam and I were alone in the evening. Our washer and dryer were in the basement, which was accessed by a door in the kitchen – which was always closed and locked. In fact, it was covered by our security alarm system, which was on all of the time when my husband wasn’t home. I unlocked the door and went downstairs with a basket of laundry and a three-year old. I put the laundry in the washer, added detergent, closed the lid, and turned it on. Then, I wrestled Sam from some toys and we went back upstairs, locked the door, and reset the security alarm. An hour later, we repeated the process and went back downstairs to put the clothes in the dryer.

I started throwing the clothes in the dryer before it occurred to me that something was wrong. The lid to the washing machine was wide open. Yet, the clothes were washed, rinsed, and spun.  As I continued my task, I realized that it wasn’t possible. When the lid to the washer opened, the washer stopped. There was no way that the washer would have washed clothes if I’d left the lid open. I looked around to see if there was anyone in the basement besides me and Sam, couldn’t see anyone, but became very nervous, spooked in fact, grabbed her and flew upstairs to lock the door and turn the alarm back on. Was there someone, or something, in this house messing with me? Do we live in a haunted house? 

The next encounter spooked my husband. I was in bed sleeping when he came home from work. He climbed in bed and talked to me for a few minutes, then I went back to sleep. A little later, he nudged me and whispered,”Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“The door, it just opened, and someone is walking in the living room,” he whispered. Now, that door was from the early 1900’s, solid oak and heavy. It didn’t just move by itself.

“Isn’t the alarm on?” I asked, wanting to put his mind to ease so I could go back to sleep.

“Yeah,” he whispered. “I set it.” I looked over to the monitor and saw the red light was on, meaning it was activated.

By now, he’s gently sitting up. I’m holding my breath. I don’t know why.

“Did you hear that?” he asked.

“Did I just hear the door creak and close?”

“Yeah. You heard it.”

We got out of bed. Clinging to him, I followed him into the living room and the entry way, where we checked. The door was firmly closed and the security alarm was on. From that moment on, we were both believers.  And I was scared — you see, I didn’t know our ghosts.

But we both knew our next ghost. We were asleep again – new house, same kid plus a new sister. Our ghost came to us at the same time in a unique way.

I had a dream. In that dream, my husband’s father was standing at the side of our bed. I couldn’t recall exactly what he said, but I can remember what it was about. Clark said that he  had something important to tell us, that there was something he wanted us to know. I remember listening intently and weighing on every word, but when I woke up, I couldn’t remember what it was that he wanted us to know.

The next morning over coffee, I looked at my husband and said, “I had a weird dream last night.”

He said, “You did? So did I.”

“Mine was about your dad,” I said. “He was in our room and he woke us up…”

My husband interrupted me. Seriously, he looked at me like he’d just seen a ghost and said, “He was standing on the side of the bed and said there was something important he wanted us to know.”

“How’d you know?” I asked.

“Patti,” he said, softly and unbelievably, “I had the exact same dream last night.”


Credit: This post was inspired after reading post from @SarahDownSouth  http://sarahwaydownsouth.blogspot.com/2010/03/ghost-stories.html


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3 Responses to “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost”

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Don’t get me started on all my ghostie stories – have TONS to share!!Yeah and exciting!!

Oh, that’s scary!!!! Glad it’s not just me though! Can’t wait for part 2!

Oh & speaking of dreams, my dad and I often dream about a plane crashing at the same place!

No kidding…that’s really interesting because my husband and I have both had a dream about the same bridge, a car goes over it. I can’t talk about it, it’s truly one of the two most frightening dreams I’ve ever had.

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