2 Teens, 1 Lost Car & a Demo Crew

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I have four daughters. Sugar and spice times four, or maybe not.

They’re all teens or older now, but oh, when we were all under the same roof, cycles did sync. Already a house of female drama, let me tell you that one week out of a month, we became a House of Hate.  Too much sugar and spice can be toxic, trust me on that one.

The youngest two little darlings just got their driver’s licenses on the same day. Now, the ONLY good thing that can ever come of that is that maybe they can save me from making some of the 36 mile round trips back and forth to the high school for practices. So, I stifled my worries and decided to focus on the good.

Last Saturday was a busy day here. Emily had a track meet and had to be at Herscher High School (18 miles away) to catch the bus for the meet at another school. Meridith was already in Herscher, spending the night with a friend. So, killing two birds with one stone, I let Emily drive my car to school, where Meridith would go later in the morning, get in the car, and drive herself home. Good plan, right?


Meridith called, “Mom, where’s the car?”

What do you mean, where’s the car – it’s at the school.

“I’m at the track field and it’s not here.”

(Did I forget to tell you that Emily had left the doors unlocked and ‘hid’ the keys in the vehicle for her sister?)

Look in the parking lot – that’s where they picked the kids up last time I dropped them off.

Not nervous yet, I was sure the car was in the parking lot. This is Herscher, Mayberry some call it, and there’s not too many places to hide or lose a car.



“Mom, it’s not here! The car isn’t here!”

Oh shit. What do you mean the car isn’t there?!  I screamed while my mind was whirling around what-am-I-going-to-do-our-friggin-car-was-stolen. God, no!

So, I call Emily. Surely she would know where she left the car.  Please, let it be there.

No answer.

Called again. No answer. And again and again and again and again and again.

Called Meridith back. No answer.

Two girls, one lost car, and two phones nobody answers.

With the help of a neighbor, we found the car – not at the school, but at the stadium a block away.

Meridith: She’s so stupid. She said she’d leave the car at the track and I was behind the school and it wasn’t there. She left it at the football field!

Emily called. Mom, she’s so stupid. Everyone knows the track is at the football field. The track behind the school is the practice track.

When they joined together later in the day, the fighting ensued.  A word fight, destined to discover which one was right, wrong, or had no common sense whatsoever. I didn’t care, I just kept looking out the window to make sure the car was safe and sound in my driveway.

When they were younger, they fought with more than words. Actually, they were a four-girl demo crew, eager to destroy anything in the way of what they wanted. Usually, they demolished things that we wanted to keep, though, like concrete statues, lamps, candles, glasses, dolls. Pretty much everything.

They were also the only ‘help’ my husband and I had when projects needed to be done. Saturday was slated as the day to tear down and demolish our old shed. Usually the girls and I would have been out there trying to help, but Lord knows, we wouldn’t have done it right. After all, we did lose a car, right? So he asked our son-in-law and 2nd daughter’s boyfriend to help, a demo crew which actually might destroy what we wanted gone, rather than the things we didn’t. 

Now, we’re finally getting some of the benefits of sugar and spice times four – two able bodied, non-dramatic, young men who don’t send their father running for the hills when their hormones flare and cycles sync.  They can do the physical work while I stay inside with the girls, giving them lessons on finding a car and answering their phones.


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Lol oh my, I can’t imagine 4 girls, you must be so stressed!

Nah – pretty much everything bounces off me now. It’s like the old saying, You can’t scare me – I have kids! Love them so much, but sometimes you must be either insane or have nerves of steel.

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