Mom on Strike!

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Protesting heavy workload, long hours, no wages, lack of help, and laziness.

After 25 years of being a mom, cook, maid, the finder of everything lost or missing, laundress, and referree, I’ve gone on strike. For the first time, I get to see how it feels to lay around and do nothing (essentially, I get to see how it feels to be my kids), and the girls get to see how it feels to be me.

Will it work? We’ll see.

I went on strike yesterday – after spending half a day cleaning, scrubbing, doing laundry and trimming the bushes.

Friday night, the youngest two wanted money to go to the movies – again. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but apparently, the girls think we’re an ATM that automatically replenishes itself. They got the $, all we asked was that they pick up the tin bucket of fingernail polish, cotton balls, blankets, pillows, water bottles, and pop cans in the living room. Seriously, it looked like a manicure campground in there.

We came home to a campground that could have been condemned. Their excuse:  We weren’t done with it yet.  Oh, but you did have time (and money) to go to the movies.

So, I cleaned Saturday. While I do have eyes in the back of my head, I also have the gift of foresight. I can hear it now: Don’t blame us, the house looked like this when you went on strike. So, I dripped sweat all over myself and the house while cleaning it. Then, I mopped up the sweat.  Here’s how it’s going:

Daughter #4: “Mom, what’s for dinner?”

Me:  “I don’t know. What are you making?”

#4:  “Not funny.”

Me:  “I didn’t think so, either. Seriously, what are you making?”

#4:  “I guess I could make a frozen pizza. We have a supreme in the freezer.”

Me:  “Yuck. I don’t like that. Why don’t you ever make anything good?”

#4:  “Not funny. “

Me:  “I didn’t think so, either. I’m huuunnngrry!”

#4: “Well, I’m making a frozen pizza since you won’t cook.”

Me:  “Make enough for your sisters.”

This morning, I woke to an empty dishwasher (I emptied it yesterday) and a sink half full of dishes. Wonder how long they’ll sit there before somebody notices them?

Screaming and hollering don’t get me anywhere. If you can’t beat em, join em, I say. So I’m on strike and am gonna live the good life. I’m planting my butt in a lawn chair and am gonna be 16, too.  Wonder where I can find an ATM as good as the one the girls had…


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