Mucinex DM Side Effects!

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My husband came down with what I call the crud last Monday–a cold, which quickly turned into a bad cough, leaving him short of breath and weak. After trying several over-the-counter drugs, I bought Mucinex DM 12-Hour Extended Release tablets. They seemed to help – the drainage – and thus, the coughing – were much better.

So, when the beginning signs of the crud hit me, I thought I’d get a jump start on it and took one Mucinex DM tablet, hoping that it would prevent me from getting as sick as he was. But the opposite happened – I became even sicker. Within four hours, I was hit with a wave of diarrhea that was sudden and immediate. After spending an entire night tossing, turning, jittery, and going back and forth to the bathroom, I finally slept for an hour – only to be awakened by a bout of nausea that had me flying right back to the bathroom, which is where I should have had my pillow. After several episodes of violent dry heaves, I went back to sleep.

When I woke up, I had severe pain in my jaw on both sides and it felt like every bone in my face had a terrible toothache. I was dizzy and disoriented. At one point, I even thought it was snowing outside (it was over 70 degrees that day). I checked the side effects on the box:  There were none. There is a warning that it is not to be taken with certain drugs, but that wasn’t an issue- I didn’t have any other drugs, not even a Tylenol, in my system.

So, I went online, and Googled: Mucinex DM 12 Hour Extended Release Side Effects. Wow! One site reported 170 adverse reports, 66 hospitalizations, 2 deaths – but 0 FDA Safety Alerts for Mucinex! The comments were all indicative of the way I felt – inability to focus/concentrate, jittery and nervous, disoriented, lethargic, and all the while I could feel my heart beating fast and hard against my chest. Some said the sensation was similar to being on acid, but I wouldn’t know. I do know that I felt drugged.

I only took the one tablet, and never took another one. I never will again. It took more than 30 hours for that one pill to leave my system. As soon as it did, my nasal congestion returned, along with my cough, but I can deal with that and prefer it to misery that I went through for a few days.

Why doesn’t an over-the-counter pill that is leaving so many users with such adverse side effects list them on their packaging? Shouldn’t all potential users by aware of the potential dangers or side effects of this drug? When I searched a few other sites, I found others who had similar side effects – but the majority of the ‘official’ sites only listed ‘dry mouth, thirst’ etc. Very minor reactions.

I’ll admit Mucinex DM does help the cough and the nasal drainage; however, for me, its benefits don’t outweigh its side effects. Yes, I might have had a hypersensitivity to the drug, or maybe yet, an allergic reaction. But the company fails to shed light on that possibility, as well – leaving people with the impression that Mucinex DM is harmless and any side effects are minor and insignificant.

I wonder how successful their sales would be if they exposed the adverse side effects of their medication?

To view patient comments claiming side effects to Mucinex, go to:


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134 Responses to “Mucinex DM Side Effects!”

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This is scary. I’m so glad you survived it! When I get “the crud”, I take plain guaifenesin – usually a store brand. I have never had an adverse reaction to it and I have LOTS of sensitivity to medications. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Take care. Prayers for you and all your family.

I also had the severe diarrhea for 24 hrs!

Terrible, isn’t it? I know my reaction to this stuff scared me – it really scared my daughters. They thought I needed to go to the hospital! These side effects sound pretty common – wonder why the company doesn’t list them on the package?

Exact same thing happened to me last night, hence why I am here! I seriously thought my throat was going to close on itself, I kept a glass of water next to the bed to sip on to make sure I could swallow throughout the night. The mucinex made the glands in my throat swell so much I thought they were going to burst or pop out of my throat area all together. I had the exact same symptoms, horrid stomach pain, grinding jaw, sleeplessness, dizziness, extreme neck soreness… etc Never again, I just threw the entire box in the trash.

Oh, you made me remember this all over again! I feel for you! Like I said it took 36 hours for that 8 hour pill to get out of my system. I hope you’re better now. Mucinex DM needs to list side effects on their package – mine had absolutely none. Maybe you and I had allergic reactions or are hypersensitive to one of the medications in it, but if we are, so are a lot of others who take it. Yes, I did the same thing you did – the package didn’t list the reaction I had, so I went on the web to learn more. You have to, don’t you, otherwise, you don’t know if you’re dying, need to go to the hospital or what… Glad you threw them out – I’d rather have a cold any day than to feel like that again. Patti

Matt I don’t know if you opted to receive replies to your comment, but I just saw a post that shows that you were likely suffering an allergic reaction. The swelling of the tongue, throat are one symptom. Remember that you are allergic and find the names of all ingredients/drugs contained in the product so you never take them again! Here is the info I received:
Some of the more serious side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps and lethargy.
Mucinex allergic reactions include difficulty breathing, severe dizziness, swelling and itching of the tongue and throat and face, and rashes broke out.
In addition to problems with allergies, said he does not recommend Mucinex people with thyroid disease, diabetes and high blood pressure or heart disease, without monitoring, approval and physicians.

I had the same experience with the drug recently, sans the stomach upset. But I definitely felt like I had been drugged. lethargic, heavy, disoriented and confused. Ordinarily on the day I took that medication I would have been home alone with my 3 year old, luckily when I fell asleep (yeah, I was in that much of a stupor from it) my mom was home. Mucinex should at least list those effects on the box, if I’d have been home alone that day my daughter would have been completely unsupervised…thats a lawsuit waiting to happen.

If you felt like that, don’t take it again…the effects actually got worse as it builds up in your system – from what I’m hearing! I only took one dose, that was enough for me!

My friend and I just returned from a trip to Peru with a really bad caugh and cold, so we took MucinexDM that was recomended by the drug store Walgreens. Now, 12 hours later we are experiencing horrible side effects — extreme dizziness and nausea — this drug should be taken off the market asap. I called the drug store to let them know.
Please do not take this product! I am very scared for my life.

Pls seek medical help if you are scared and sick. This drug can cause dehydration and has been known to cause strokes and for a few, death. I urge you to get checked! Let me know how you are pls. I remember how bad I felt. I shld have been hospitalized.

Danny, check the box…does it still not list side effects? It’s the DM, not the mucinex that’s causing ppl problems.

My 16 year old son went to the doctor yesterday for a sinus infection/ear infection. He prescribed an antibiotic and told ‘me to get mucinex dm. Came home gave him the mucinex dm and the antibiotic. 1 hour later he came out of his room complaining his body was numb he was dizzy, seeing things that didn’t exist, said he felt like he was out of his body, really agitated, then started w euphoria he loved everybody and saw lights on the wall w different colors, then got really hot, said he could hear his heartbeat in his ears- chest pounding- dry mouth, stomach pain, mania, panic- he was making animal noises. I finally took him to the ER where they did a urine and blood test.. Hooked him up to a heart monitor… His heart was racing.. Blood and urine came back fine (they thought he may have been slipped a dangerous drug). Couldn’t get his heart to stop racing so they gave him Ativan to counteract the DM. After a few hours they sent us home, but warned ‘me that it could take a full 12 hours for ‘the side effects to go away. He finally fell asleep and woke up w diarrhea and and just a feeling of being sick- bones hurt. Now it’s been 24 hours and he’s still not right.. Can’t concentrate, agitated etc.. He’s only 16 and now I’m scared he’ll be left w permanent damage?? I really can’t understand why such a bad drug is made available OTC. I’m so scared of this drug- I want to warn people to be careful and NOT use this drug. This has been the worst 24 hours of being a mom. I’m super angry and want answers. BAD DRUG!

Wow, Stacey! It sounds like your son had just about every side effect that I’ve found that’s caused by DM. Take him back to the doctor if he’s not improving a lot today! And get your story out there, on Facebook, thru blogs, etc. A lot of people don’t have any adverse reaction to the DM – but people need to at least know what they are! The company surely doesn’t tell us. I’m saying a prayer for your son that he gets better swiftly.

I almost did take two, I’m so glad I didn’t I couldnt imagine what I would have felt like. My mom is here so I’m not alone, but yes the hospital said it was the mucinex and said to never take it again. I have taken regular mucinex before and experienced no side effects. It was definitely the DM. I took it around 3pm yesterday afternoon and its now 10am here (don’t know if we’re in the same time zone) and I’m still very shaky and jittery. I’ve read from others that it lasted 15-30 hours which Is ridiculous. You would think they wpuld put the side effects that everyone seems to experience on the box. Thank you for your concern!

I hope you feel better. If you sleep, make sure to tell your mom to check on you from time to time. I don’t trust this stuff, and I’m a mom of 4 teens to young adults, a 17 year old daughter like you. I forbid any of them to take this medicine. I’m glad the doctors validated that it was the Mucinex DM. We need to spread the word. We might save a life, or at least make someone get urgent medical help if they’re trying to find out what’s wrong with them after taking the drug. Do you still have the pkg? Does it list side effects yet?

Yes, I’m finding it very difficult to fall asleep though so I don’t think it should be a problem 😦 I think my dad took the package, but as far as I remember there were no serious side effects listed as the ones I experienced. I agree, people should NOT take this drug it seems to be very dangerous, especially for an OTC drug.

I had the exact same thing happen to me last night. I’m 17, female, 5’2 and about 90lbs. My doctor put me on a z pak and told me to.take.mucinex dm. 4 hours later I called my dad and he took me to the emergency room. I got out of the shower and noticed my pupils were fully dilated and then started to get nervous. About 20 minutes later I started to have a severe panic attack, was incredibly jittery and shaking, felt out of my body, clenching and uncontrollably chattering my jaw, and after a while my hands went numb due to hyperventilating so much. The doctors at the hospital gave me some sort of blood pressure medication because my blood pressure was so high and valium to calm me down. It’s been over 12 hours since I took the mucinex and I still feel horrible and I’m having a hard time sleeping. I have read so many other people say they had the same problem, I don’t understand why this drug isn’t banned. The side effects are not worth clearing the congestion.

Forgot to mention I only took one. I also thought I was seeing car lights through my blinds going down the street as I waited for my dad but no cars ever came down.

Hi – I only took one, too, and you’re a lot smaller than me. Can you imagine if you had taken the regular dose? I hope you’re not alone today, as most of us have found out that this drug lasts a lot longer than the 12 hours it states on the package. Did the hospital acknowledge that your problems were due to this medicine? What did they say? (By the way, it appears to be the DM that’s the problem. Regular Mucinex hasn’t created too many problems.) But it sure appears that there’s quite a few who have adverse side effects from the DM! The lights seem to be a hallucinatory effect similar to what some have experienced. Take care, and try to make sure you’re not alone today. Patti

Thank you for posting this. This is the only site where I have seen any mention that this drug is not advised for people with thyroid disease. I have taken Mucinex DM before, the last time was around January, with no ill effects whatsoever. 6 months ago I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (which explains my sudden weight gain and inability to loose it). This was the first time I have taken Mucinex since then and I really wish I hadn’t. I live in Southeast Texas and we just had a cold front come thru Tuesday (very nice) and I was just getting over some sinus problems, but I thought it was all cleared up (it stayed in my head and did not go into my chest). So with the nice weather we went to the park yesterday for a walk and only lightly jogged about 1/4 mile. A few hours later I was starting to cough up mucus, which I can only assume was all the crap that had been draining into my chest being loosened by the jog. It got worse as the day went on and wouldn’t have really been a problem but I am a police dispatcher and was working the night shift. So I took a Mucinex DM, as I had so many times before, to get me thru the night without hacking all over the radio. About 4 hours later, I was sprinting to the bathroom, jittery and nauseous. I thought it was a stomach bug, or maybe the chicken that I’d had for dinner, but my husband was fine. So I checked online, since the box did not list ANY side effects and low and behold, I fine a plethora of sites about people that have had the same reactions I have had. It is not 15 hours after taking this awful tasting pill, I am still jittery and queasy and I have only been able to sleep for about 2 hours total, tossing and turning. I can only be thankful that those were the only side effects that I had, that I did not have problems breathing or was seeing things, that could have been very interesting at work. I definitely think that something should be done to AT LEAST get the side effects listed on the package and a warning for anyone with the conditions you listed. I will add that I took only one pill, one dose, with a full glass of water and had several more glasses throughout the night. Unlike most of my coworkers, I do not drink coffee or sodas all night. My husband and I have both stopped drinking sodas and have only water or tea (made from tea bags not bottled) and I may have one cup of coffee a week on my day off at home to relax, so it was not an issue with not having enough water (as some people suggested on other sites). But, needless to say, I will not be taking this again.

If we can get the word out, we can let some people know about the side effects so they won’t take it or will know they need to seek medical treatment. I hope you feel better soon.

Sorry to hear everything you went through. I have been sick since Saturday. On Sunday night, on my way home from work, I stopped at the store and bought a box of Mucinex DM. I never took this before but my mom had a bad cough and congestion for three weeks, took this medicine and started clearing up right away. So, on her suggestion, I bought it. I took one pill before bed Sunday night. I woke up an hour before my alarm clock and couldn’t get back to sleep due to the extreme pain I had in my right leg (I was told it was the cyatic nerve). I went to work. I had a dry mouth all day, and felt weird but I couldn’t describe it. I took another pill while at work (12 hours later). I was feeling nauseous off and on throughout the day especially when I coughed hard or yawned. I disregarded these signs as part of the cold or bug I was fighting so 12 hours later, I took another pill right before bed. I fell asleep at 11:15 pm and woke up 3 hours later (at 2:15 am). I tossed and turned for about half an hour until I decided that I was too awake and not going to fall back to sleep. I went downstairs (so I wouldn’t wake up the rest of my family) and watched tv. I was thirsty, jittery, nauseous, lathargic, and couldn’t get back to sleep until about 5:30 am. At which time i got one more hour before my day had to begin. As a side note- I also have hypothyroid so I don’t know if that had any effect on the side effects. I will not take this drug again.
Thank you for listening.

wow you are really dumb. You took 3 pills in total??? Dear God. My roommate had Mucinex DM 12 hr release, so I took one earlier today and noticed the onset of nausea and mild diarrhea about an hour afterwards, not to mention chills when i take the blanket off mylegs.

Like an idiot, I didn’t bother to read reviews until after the fact.

A ways into this slow torture, I managed a few dry heaves and finally threw up a tiny amount of fluid with yellow tint — I really hope the remains of the mucinex pill were in that. I felt better and was able to sleep for a few hours, but then woke up again, due to yet again feeling nauseous (among other lesser things).

I believe I took the pill about 7-8 hours ago now, and cannot wait to be rid of these horrid side effects. I have not been able to induce throwing up a second time, so I gave up camping the bathroom and just have a large pot ready by my couch. I did expel 2 minor bouts of diarrhea earlier, which hopefully has helped get rid of some of it. Been trying to sip water more or less regularly to stay hydrated.

Sure, my cough and congestion has been gone for the same length of time, but at what cost?

I absolutely hate the sensation of feeling nauseous.
My sleep has been very limited due to the discomfort, as well.

Please dear Lord get this Mucinex DM poison out of me 😦 I will never go near it again and will warn everyone I come across about these potential and common side effects, cause they are seriously NO FUN.

I have been sick for a few days. I had already tried everything else, so I decided to try mucinex dm. I took 1 tablet. After about 3 hrs I started getting very dizzy, dry mouth, clenching my jaws, I couldn’t see right. It was scary. I’m never taking it again.

Why aren’t these side effects on the pkg?!!!

[…] would literally melt butter into my milk and coffee. Gross, probably, but I’m allergic to Mucinex and it takes forever to work anyway. Eat everything your figure would never allow, it loosens all […]

I had good success with Mucinex DM (and with no side effects). However, at $14/box, I’m not sure I could afford this much longer.

When I get a cold or congested, I always get it BAD. After nothing else worked, I finally tried Mucinex DM. It worked– but the side-effects were horrible. I felt extremely lost, I was stumbling because I was so dizzy. I could not focus whatsoever. The entire time while it was in affect I was making odd noises and just staring off into space. I was shaking, fidgeting and just completely out of it. The worst part was that I took it before I went to school. I eventually had to get my mother to pick me up because it was affecting me so much, I forgot what I was doing most of the time. When I got home, I passed out for an hour and when I woke up, I lied in bed for nearly 2 hours hallucinating, thinking I was Spider-Man and I was doing puzzles with Deadpool.
The only reason I took Mucinex before school was because I thought it was alright because it had no warnings for side-effects– I thought there were none. Big mistake.
They really should give a warning at the very least. Surprise side-effects are no fun.

I agree. There are so many concerns about not knowing potential side effects, or if what you are experiencing is an adverse reaction to a drug.
First, if you know you react to a drug, you know never to take it again.
Second, I shudder to think how many people should have sought urgent medical care, but didn’t because they didn’t know they were experiencing a potentially dangerous side effect.
Third, look at all the people who get behind the wheel of a car and are hit with a wave of hallucinations and disorientation.
It’s the ingredient in the DM part of this drug that has affected the people who have found this blog.
You know, going to school and experiencing these effects can potentially get you into trouble. Teachers and officials might automatically think that the student is on drugs (illegal drugs), and that’s unfortunate for the student who just wanted to try to feel better so they could get through a day of school.
You did the right thing by researching to find out what was happening to you and why.
I hope you feel better soon, and without crazy drugs like Mucinex DM.

I wish I had found this post before I took the Mucinex last night; I am currently dealing with the backlash of these meds. I was dizzy and disoriented, had lose bowels, loud ringing in my ears, and at one point my entire body went limp and I felt as if I had been drugged. Right now, I’m having chills and trouble regulating my body temp. I’m trying to sleep it off, so I pray that by the morning I will feel better. All of this for one pill!?? I will NEVER take this again and I will be warning friends and family!

Loose* typo 🙂

Chrissy – I hope you feel much better this morning!

I took the Mucinex DM for the first time Saturday during the day. I am 5’4 and weight 115lbs. My doctor recommended Mucinex for my chest congestion. There are10 different varieties on the drug store shelf. I happened to select the “DM”. Within an hour after taking the pill, I felt extremely drowsy but assumed it was my cold, even though I had slept in that morning. I went back to bed and when I woke up 3 hours later, I was dizzy, disoriented and had blurred vision. I felt like I had been drugged. I couldn’t eat either. I still don’t feel “right” but the effects are finally starting to dissipate (20 hours later). My cough did go away (and may come back) but I will never take this drug again. It did not feel like I could function normally and would have been very concerned had I taken it during work.

I just took this drug last night, and this post sheds a lot of light on the last 24 hellish hours of my life.

I feel for ya. I still remember the not-so-long-ago when I trusted my roommate’s judgement and took one of his Mucinex DM pills. What’s funny is that he recommended I take two. I couldn’t even guess what two would have done –the one was bad enough! My naturally cautious nature likely saved me.

Wish I had read this last night. I took one dose now I am a jittery mess – I feel like I am doped up or something. I willl never take that drug again. Why is there no warning. I am also hypothyroid.

I cannot believe I am reading this. On Easter Sunday, 4/8/2012, my 21 year old daughter took one dose of Mucinex DM because she was congested, had mucus, and a cough. She complained of feeling worse later in the day with no appetite and being nauseus. She left to return to college and called a half hour later saying that she had to pull over because she felt so sick. She complained of feeling dizzy and drugged and had much anxiety. I was so proud of her for being so smart to stop driving, and we went to bring her back home. I am very upset after reading all these similar occurances in people. I wrote a letter to the company, Reckitt Benckiser and also to the FDA. Let’s see if I get a response. I have to say that she feels better hearing others experiencing the same thing so that she didn’t think she was going crazy.

Listin up Everybody*
. If you have heard of the phrase.. “I’m trippin out” or “I must be trippin”then you will understand that it was only the “trip” that made everyone feel like they were jittery,anxious, nervous, seeing things that aren’t their, bright lights, jaw grinding, sleepyness, dizzyness, panic.. all of this can be solved by not getting the “DM” pack. Also without an alergic reaction to the pill, all u need to do is to stay hydrated, get fresh air, and eat before taking.. but if you had an alergic reaction and dealth with swelling vomiting and hard breathing that would need medical attention.. It sucks that all of you had a bad experience taking mucinex DM.. it really is a good solution to a cold.. but the thing is this can be a very addictive drug that I use to be hooked to.. I took over 40.. 1,200mg mucinex pills (a week).. for months. I have stopped the addiction but its still something fun to do on a good day. I tell you this because I know what mostly everybody went through, most of you had a bad trip and that can be solved simply by smoking some tree =] .. watch ur teenagers, check there sock drawers when they aren’t home because there are lots of ways to get Trippy these Days! Mucinex is only one of many more to come! WE TRIPPY MANE ~ Juicy J

Juicy J, your comment concerns me very much. First, I am not an advocate of anyone improperly using medication for the purpose of tripping or getting high. Not only is it illegal to abuse meds, but it’s also dangerous. Also, I need to make sure you are aware that some of your comments are not quite true. For instance, jaw grinding and pain are not caused by “the trip.” They are in fact the result of severe dehydration caused by the medication, and this dehydration (which is for the purpose of drying up the mucous) also affects the brain. The symptoms of hallucinating, etc., can be the result of dehydration to the brain, one reason why severe reactions have produced strokes. It’s why so many of us felt facial pain – our jaws, etc., were reacting to dehydration and we had a reaction to the drug, but it was a medical reaction – not a bad trip. These reactions are much more common than you think, judging by the number of people who frequent this post and show up in my search stats. And Mucinex doesn’t disclose these potential side effects.
I hope you choose to discontinue subjecting your body to the dangers of abusing this (or any) drug.

I’m so glad that I found this website because I thought that I was losing it after visiting the first 4 websites on google about the side effects. Nothing states anything about what I am experiencing. I took one pill last night at 11 pm. It is now 8:30 pm the following day and I am still all messed up. My muscles all over my body have been tense, especially my jaw. I have been disoriented and basically feeling like someone drugged me. For all the students who had to go through this at school, imagine being a teacher and having to deal with this while teaching middle schoolers. I really became scared when I couldn’t remember one of my student’s names when writing a him a pass (I only have 20 students total). This is something that happens the first week of school, not in April! This medication is scary and I will never take it again.

My 13 year old daughter took this last night and with in the first hour started having severe restlessness and her muscles ached especially her one leg, but she became very anxious and upset and couldn’t sleep…at 4:30 this morning she finally feel asleep, but she keeps jerking and twitching her legs, so i think thy must still be botering her even in her sleep. Will never give the Mucinex DM kind to her again.

Hey, Patti. There are still no warnings on the “DM” version of this drug. I bought it this afternoon for a cough that was just starting. I always look for warnings on the package as I drive for a bus company. Thankfully I stayed home sick, because 4 hours after taking this stuff I had to call my brother. My chest was tight, throat swollen, shoulders numb, and I could feel my heart racing. Very scary stuff. It’s now 6 hours after taking the one tablet and my shoulders are still weak / numb, and my jaw is a bit itchy. I’ll try to give you a play by play as this works out my system.

It’s now 7 hours after taking the drug. The numbness / weakness in my shoulders have lessened and my jaw isn’t quite as itchy. I only feel the tightness in my chest when I overtly look for it. Going to try to get some sleep. From what I can tell, it seems to be a good thing to drink a lot of liquids.

Finally, it’s been 14 hours since taking the drug. I’m almost back to normal. I still feel a little tight in the chest, but that’s about it. Definitely writing down the active ingredients and comparing it to other meds that I’ve taken in the past to see what I can eliminate as the cause.

Thanks for sharing – hope you feel better. It appears that most have found the cause to be the active ingredient in DM. It’s obviously some pretty ugly stuff.

Thanks. This is the fourth time I’ve taken mucinex dm and the 3rd time I’ve had a reaction to it. The first time it was nothing, the second was almost like I had the flu on top of the cold, hot cold flashes, sweating, uncomfortable. I figured it was because I’d taken it without food but I’ve tried that too and no. There’s no warning on the label not even a take with food warning and I’ve been taking the liquid which you can feel the second it hits your stomach. It’s good to know someone else has been through something similar. I’m glad you were okay. Thanks.

It’s not just Mucinex D. My husband took only 1 Mucinex Expectorant (12 hour) with a glass of water before bedtime. Then for the next 5+ hours he experienced extreme anxiety, nervousness and suicidal thoughts so intense he was actually afraid to go to sleep so he paced all night long. He’s never had suicidal thoughts. Thank you for this site which confirmed for us it was the Mucinex.

Wow I always thought it was just me, I had the typical crud nothing big deal just a light wet cough that is typical through ragweed season in Texas, I took a Mucinex 12 hr every day to get rid of it for 6 months straight, i never once thought that my huge weight loss constent diarrhea and over all “crappy’ feeling was do to Mucinex, I went to the doctor with most of the symptoms every one had already shared, told him everything i was taking and he still said nothing about getting off the Mucinex DM, I finally stopped it just as i was on my way to the next specialist to see why I was lossing muscle mass and weight in places you dont normally lose weight, I went thruogh the stress of doing an AIDS test as I had the look of someone who was in really bad shape. it was a friend who said what cold meds are you on they are awful for you So I stopped Mucinex, 2 day later no problems no deydration, No diarrhea, I was living on Gatorade, weght came back sex drive came back all the things that were wrong went a way, I still have crud in my chest but will never take anything like that again, Spread the word, even Dr’s dont realize that you can die from something with no warnings.

I am so happy I found this website….I’ve been suffering from an unproductive cough for the last few days and my husband picked this up for me at the store last night….reading the ingredients, I thought 1200 mg Guaifenesin & 60 mg Dextromethorphan in each pill was a little too much. Glad I googled the side effects. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I took the first dose (just one tablet, thankfully) of this mucinex DM during the day and was just drowsy. I took a second dose the next morning and 24 hours later I am still feeling the terrible side affects that came with the second dose. Very lethargic, dizzy, lack of concentration. The diarrhea just hit me a short time ago. Stomach cramps and nausea are still present. These side affects are way worse than any flu I’ve ever had. My husband had bought and used this medication without any side affects before so I thought I would try it. What a mistake. Horrible stuff!

I have had a sinus infection and two rounds of antibiotics since June. Doctor wouldn’t give me any more antibiotics but gave me a shot of Celestone and a prescription for prednisone which I refuse to take. Someone recommended mucinex DM because my sinus had cleared up but the drainage was causing tonsilitis and bronchitis. WOW I feel miserable! I’m falling asleep at my desk but couldn’t sleep last night and have watery diarrhea. So drowsy and lethargic I had a panic attack a few minutes ago thinking my step daughter had poisoned me. I am not kidding! Then I thought to look up the side effects of mucinex DM. Glad I did! I’m not taking this stuff any more even if it has helped my cough. Too crazy!

Joan, The first thing you should do is to replinish the water that the drug and diarrhea are taking out of your body. If you don’t feel better or it gets worse, go to the ER or call your doctor! Patti

I tool mucinex dm 12 hour release about 3 years ago. I will never take it again. I took it before bed. I slept for about an hour, and then literally sat up wide awake. No over exaggeration it was like something had woken me up w a start, but I was wide awake for the next week. I’d fall asleep for maybe an hour and the samething would happen every night. -this is from one pill. My (now husband) boyfriend at the time is a paramedic was said my eyes looked like the calls they go on for heroin or drug over doses. I felt jittery beyond belief, “fuzzy”, out of it, I went to work and they sent me home bc they said I looked really bad. I have a weird reaction to cold medicine in general, but nothing like this. Usually just a fuzzy feeling. Idk what my body didn’t like, but I’m afraid to try anything now, though I wish it did work for me. I could use something like it now.

taking suggested mucinex dm concerned about the dmx in it showing on a drug test? hi i have had a very bad head cold and sinus infection so i have been taking mucinex dm, come to find out it has stuff in it that people trip off of. but i am in the military and have a drug test coming up and am worried it will show up. i have done some research and i know it can but i see people saying only in high dose. i need a for sure answer please. thank you.

Hi, I’m not certain, but I don’t think it’s a problem. Recommendations: Take the box with you and let them know that you took it, how much you took and when you took it. They will know from the ingredients if it could affect your test. Also, you might want to consider contacting a military physician or even a regular physician via phone before hand. They should all have encountered situations where over the counter drugs were taken before drug tests. They will let you know if it is anything to be concerned about. Good luck. And thank you for your service to our country.

Thank you for having this post. I was having the crud for a week now, taking the usual sudafed, but I knew I needed something for the cough and congestion. I just couldn’t sleep without coughing. So I went to the store and got the Mucinex DM 12 hour. Went to bed at 11 and woke up 2 hours later with severe stomach cramps and hot flashes. I thought I was getting a stomach virus. I laid there for hours until my alarm went off at 5 for work. I got up and felt like I was walking sideways. I felt so dizzy and my cheeks felt like they were on fire. I took my temp. It was normal. Then I looked in the mirror. MISTAKE. I freaked out seeing my huge pupils. I was thinking someone drugged my food at Big Boy’s (ha). Or I had food poisoning. Plugged in my symptoms in google. Came back, toxins from tropical fish, radiation sickness, chemical burn…WebMD is for the birds. Then I remembered I took the Mucinex. But like everyone is saying, there is no side effects listed! How do they get away with that? Luckily I found this, and I waiting for all of this to pass. I hate taking medicine…and this is why.

The goverment needs to take action or whom ever this mucinex DM is a dangerous killer. My 17 yr.old and her friend took this 2 days ago as well as smokin weed. I knew she was not right and the friend told what it was the next day because it scared her so. She had a harsher reaction to it said she felt like she was dying. I looked it all up and found all these comments I can’t believe nothing has been done to stop it. Just so wrong for this company to continue selling this specific product.

I wish I would have read this post earlier. Now i can’t leave the toilet and am missing out on family Christmas. The day after Christmas I am contacting the Attorney General about this.

Jim, let us know if you get a response!

People take anywhere from 7 to 16 tablets to get trip ( Like your on acid)

I only took one. 7 tablets would have killed me.

I had the almost the exact thing occur to me. I took one and was jittery at first, which turned into my heart beating extremely rapid. Also I was dizzy and my vision turned fuzzy like it was snowing. I work for 2 hospitals so I rushed in to have an ECG done with my cardiac enzymes everything came back normal, but the doctor informed me there are bad side effects. I also got a small rash that would itch like crazy. I will no longer medicate for anything out of fear of this happening again, by far the worst/most scared I have ever been.

Nick, If these side effects are so common that doctors know about them, we all deserve to know why the manufacturer doesn’t state them on the label. This site gets a lot of hits from people who have taken this drug and are looking to find out what’s happening to them. They shouldn’t have to search through the vastness of the Internet to find out that they are experiencing side effects from a drug – some which obviously require immediate medical intervention. I’m with you – I don’t even take over the counter pain relievers anymore after this experience!

I just took this two hours ago coz my cold of two days was turning into a bad cough… and while watching tv.. I am slowly feeling weird, ringing in my ears, my nose and throat have certainly dried up; but I feel like there pressure inside me building. I feel drugged up while typing this… Which led me to doing a search for “mucinex side effects”.
After reding all comments here, made me recall what I felt when I got sick few months. ago. The mucinex I took tonight was a left over from last time. Now, I understand all that was happeening was from mucinex. I thought I was dying… A heart attack or some respiratory problem.. My hear rate was racing, nervous, and panicky… And I was so weak.. I could hardly breath.. It felt like there was fluid in my lungs that I thought that was pneumonia, coz I had short breath..
I’m trying not to think about it coz I hope I don’t get worse tonight.
I’m throwing out that pills tonight and will certainly warn my dad! He recommended mucinex dm to me last time I got sick,,..

It’s the dextromethorphan in the pills. Bet you didn’t realize they have DXM in it. Also, mucinex breaks up mucus by causing your body to dump liquid everywhere, including your gut. The chem that does this is guaefenisin. Hence diarrhea. 163 adverse reactions as opposed to the millions of people that have taken mucinex? You might just be allergic to dxm or guafeniesen.

I am currently experiencing every side effect you listed plus the shakes did you find anything that helped

Just avoiding caffeine, sleep, rest, time … and of course, replinish the fluids that the medicine has taken out of your body. Call a doctor if you need to.

Just a note to the wise “DM” stands for Dextromethorphan. This drug is found in many OTC cold medications. Please take the time to look at this link. – 50k
It can be a nasty bugger for some, and a big help for others. You should never take more of this medication than is recommended. If you have had an adverse reaction to Dextromethorphan, read all cold and flu meds to be sure that this doesn’t happen again.

I just found this website and I wish I had looked it up before. I gave my son 2 Mucinex DM. He is nonverbal and has autism. He also takes ADHD meds. There was nothing on the box and his doctor told me to give it to him! Now he keeps laughing hysterically for no reason, and holding his ears saying hurt. ( he does have a few words and also communicates with his iPad. He keeps pushing I hear I hear and pointing at the lights. I did a search for side effects and found this site. I’m so scared he is having a bad reaction and can’t tell me! This makes me so mad! I don’t know what to do. I think we are headed to the ER.

I took two Muscinex DM twelves hours apart. Diarrhea came the first pill I took but, at first, I didn’t related it as a side effect of the med. 3 hours after taking the second pill I started feeling Tight Chested. When I breathe in I felt like there wasn’t enough oxygen in the air. Other symptoms includes dry mouth and insomnia. The insomnia lasted for two straight nights. It seems like I was way too alert. I wasn’t tired when I know I am supposed to be. I didn’t yawn. This was a horrible experience. Someone here said it right, it felt like there was poison in me.

I’m glad I found the sight because I stop taking it after the second pill.

Oh my goodness. I thought I was the I only one having this issue. I had taken a pill on friday and had some sode effexts like sleeplessness, confusion, lethargy, dry mouth, and swollen glands. I took a pill this morning, Tuesday, at work and by noon was having to run to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes. I had to leave to go home I was so embarrassed. Only thing that scared me more was the hour long drive. I will not take this crap again!
My side effects : pill one- lethargy, swollen glands, sore throat, some bowel issues, confusion. I assumed normal stuff with the crud.
Pill two- lots of bowel issues. Sore throat, dry mouth, swollen glands.

But my cough and hacking is gone. I would rather have it then wonder my my kids are up to while I am trapped in my bathroom

the problem is the •Dextromethorphan HBr. Side-effects of dextromethorphan use can include: At normal doses: body rash/itching, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, Closed-eye hallucination, Difficulty breathing. I have never understood why they can put it other drugs and not put the warning on the package. This stuff absolutely messes with me badly. I take Guaifenesin regularly for congestion but have to really watch out for any of the added ingrediants.

Took mucinex 12-hr one night before going to bed. i could tell it was working, and i felt no side effects. I took another pill 15 hours later. No side effects. My symptoms were starting to return so I thought I would take 1 more dose after 15 hours of taking the last one. That was my 3rd dose. Right when I took it I felt a wave of heat going over my body. Within minutes my veins all felt like they were on fire. My head felt like it was burning up inside. I was slurring my speech, stumbling around in my room, and my face was ashen, totally pasty white with absolutely no color on my lips or cheeks. It was so scary. I called 9-1-1 because i thought i was dying. the intensity of the heat, my dizziness and the speed that it waved over me made me feel like i wouldnt last the ride to the hospital. fortunately by the time the paramedics arrived I was improving. My lips were turning pink. They took my blood pressure– it was super low 90/60, normal for me is around 115/80. I was okay the rest of the day yesterday, but now it’s been 36 hours since i took that last pill, and I still feel high.

I as well had horrible side effects after taking just 1 mucinex. actually caused me to have massive panic attacks that ended me in the hospital after 2 days of feeling like Iwas going to die. so i googled side effects and found that rare but possible it can cause severe anxiety disorder even seratonin disorder that can cause death. 1 year later almost to the day i am still on anxiety medication from this. i agree how can the fda not list side effects. the package or make the company. even the rare

Took one Mucinex DM yesterday and it seemed to help my congestion. Took one this morning and have been running ot the toilet for diarrhea. Not experiencing any other symptoms, but only took one pill twice, 12 hours apart. My wife had the same reaction a few months ago and just assumed it was because she’s sick. I’m one of those annoying people who don’t get sick much and try to just push through it, but this can’t be ignored. I’ll be tossing the rest of the package post haste after reading these comments.

I’m so sorry and feel for you. I took a pack of Mucinex D for 5days for bad sinus congestion. It was only after I stopped that I couldn’t sleep and had a BP of 165/115. It left me feeling anxious and depressed. I was not like this before. I went to a neurologist who said I did damage to neurotransmitters and receptors.He said I didn’t do permanent damage and told me it would take time. It’s now been 1year. I still don’t sleep well and am not the same happy person I was before. I’m going to another Dr who understands this and said he can help. I hoping to get well soon and wish you the best.

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I am at a loss. A resident of New Zealand, 71 years of age. I am having a loss of sleep through bouts of caughing. Mucinex has been advertised on TV only recently. I took the 20-pill course and had not much relief, but noticed my left foot was becoming red and very tender. After four days without pills I still have pain in my foot. Wondering if any one else has had this reaction! Thanks BRS.

I’m glad I found your site i thought i was going crazy since the box does not list diarrhea as a aside effect.

You have an anxiety disorder.

I had the same awful reaction. Severe diarrhea and the shakes for 8 plus hours. I went to the doctor today and he said I have an intolerance to the key ingredient starts with dexto or something. Apparently it’s in a lot of otc medicines but usually only 10 mg. this has 60!!

I took Mucinex DM and couldn’t sleep, I have a terrible headache mad just got through an awful anxiety attack. I don’t like a stuffy nose and cough, but I will weather a cold over these side effects.

How is this the only site I could find where so many people are experiencing similar side effects to what I am?? I went to the doctor the other day because I’ve been sick for weeks, but we decided that I probably had one cold and then caught another–no need for antibiotics, so the doctor gave me a list of medications that would be good for relieving my symptoms. She recommended mucinex DM for the cough but warned me that it makes some people drowsy. Well, it’s almost 6 am and I’ve been wide awake for an hour, clenching my jaw, feeling so shaky. I had even worse symptoms yesterday but I thought it might have been the combination of mucinex DM and Claritin D because I’ve had issues with sleeplessness with the psuedoephedrin/loritadine (Claritin D) before. I was with a friend and he was suddenly frightened by how dilated my pupils were. I felt so out of it. Lethargic yet restless, clenching my teeth, jittery, no appetite whatsoever, couldn’t focus or process anything (I was trying to study when these side effects started) so today I took the 12 hr Claritin D in the morning so that I wouldn’t have to worry about not sleeping, and figured I’d take the mucinex dm before bed so I wouldn’t cough so much while trying to fall asleep. Glad to see I’m not the only one. This is miserable.

My dextromethorphan experience… I had a very bad reaction as well. Started with a normal dose to fight a cold. Within a couple hours, I was feeling very disoriented. My vision was blurred with large pupils. Diarrhea and body clenching. In another hour I Had vomited. (Only once) Went to bed that night and probably only slept an hour or two. All night just lying there, clenched up and thinking I was going to die. The next day I was supposed to drive my MIL to an apt but had to cancel because I still couldn’t see straight. Later that evening I felt like I was returning to normal. The only issue was I came down with the stomach flu in the middle if the night. This quickly became a fight for my life. I was up with intense vomiting and diarrhea. Due to the fact that the DM was still in my system and I had already become so dehydrated, things got worse. My blood pressure shot up and my limbs started clenching up and going numb. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. My husband kept massaging my limbs and it helped. (As well as continually praying over me, which is where I give all the real credit) He kept forcing me to drink. We had left over pedia-light, so I would drink that, as well as water. Every 10 minutes. After a few hours of this intensity, things started to ease. My body calmed and I actually spent the next 3 days in bed. I know for a fact I had a stomach bug, but with the adverse effects and the DM still in my system, things got a lot scarier than they should have been. I realize that I should have went to the hospital, I could have had a stroke. I didn’t come here to be criticized for that, only to share my experience and warn others to be careful. Some can take this and it’s fine, my husband included. 1 in 10 of us will have a bad reaction and suffer. (I found this statistic elsewhere) I can’t believe there are no warnings on the packaging and that it’s so highly recommended by Doctors. The joys of Big Pharma.

Wow, Lynn, You sound like you had a terrible experience. I’m glad people are sharing their experiences – there are very few places to learn that dextromethorphan can have adverse reactions. People are finding this post because they know something is wrong, but they have to search the Internet to figure out what and why. Yes, you probably should have gone to the emergency room, but so should a lot of us, and we didn’t. I’m glad that you got through it and you had a husband who took such good care of you! Nobody understands how scary it is until they’ve actually been through it. The only clenching I had was in my jaw – my face felt like it was broken from my forehead to my jaw. My husband can take it without side effects, like your husband. But we won’t buy it anymore. Just too scared that one of our daughters might take it and have the same reaction.

Man….more than three years after this post was first written, people are still commenting here. It’s incredible. Right now I have TERRIBLE insomnia and slight tremors and ringing in my ears. All I want to do is sleep and I can’t. I took one mucinex DM about 6 hours ago and still feel like I’m high. I should have known better…I typically react poorly to strong meds like codeine. But in my cold-induced stupor, I temporarily forgot that I should probably not take anything with DM, and here I am. 😦 so much for getting better…it hasn’t even helped much with the congestion. I’m just going to focus on drinking water and maybe in a few hours I’ll be able to sleep

You where fucked up from the dxm in mucinex. I no longer take it because of that. The side effects are just, annoying. I’d compare them to a bad acid trip. Not knowing where you are, floating, not feeling your legs, etc…..

This stuff works for the cough, but the major diarrhea i have now is not worth it, ill try something else……!!!!!! I am scared to use the toilet.

Dextromethorphan is also a hallucinogen. my friends and I used to “trip” on medicines that contain it all the time. My later research found it makes your brain bleed. The guifenisen is what causes the stomach problems, especially if you take more than recommended.

I dont even know where to begin with this medicine. I’ve taken it one other time in the past. I now I know why. I was suffering with a horrible sinus infection and per the e.r. doctor I was advised to run out and get some mucinex D. So I did just that. 30 mins after consuming it I got really sleepy. Sleepy to the point I could barely move and dizzy upon standing. So I check the ingredients, they seemed harmless enough. Until I started to feel jittery. Concentration 0. And my anxiety whoa. Through the roof. And now a terrible headache..So I call my pharmacy my original pharmacist is not on duty. And thd pharmacist tells me while ma’am you may have to have your doctor to prescribe you something for anxiety is she serious?? Wow. Stay away from this stuff it’s poison. These side effects arent listed and its listed any where on the label.

I’m 19/m/6’2/275 pounds, I took this mucinex DM crap Saturday night, as I have had a very, very bad cold, it got me through the night, so I took another the next day, Sunday, after about 2 hours, I was on my way to Starbucks when I started feeling really weird.. I got into Starbucks to meet some friends, and I noticed things looked as though they were moving, when they shouldn’t be. I told my friend “I think I’m tripping..” So he asked what I had, and I told him I had taken Mucinex Dm along with a DayQuil. So he informed me that It was probably the dxm in the mucinex DM. About 5 minute later it was intensified, bright lights, blurry vision, hot flashes, heart racing, a strange pressure in my head. I sat down, and tried to get over whatever was going on, eventually the same thing started happening, like it was in waves. I asked one of my friends to drive me back to my house, shortly after getting there, I was sitting in my chair, watching tv, and it started happening except even worse at this point. My heart racing was really scaring me, so I went to the hospital. While there, I didn’t know if I was having an allergic reaction or what, so they gave me a Benadryl, didn’t help. They didn’t know what was going on, and I found it hard to describe exactly what was happening. My heart rate was a little elevated, although not as bad as it seemed, but my blood pressure, although it’s generally pretty high, was sky rocketed. They had me hooked to and IV, and heart monitor over night, and let me go the next day. After leaving I felt fine, the next day I was fine too, but come Wednesday, after being medicine free since Sunday, I was drinking a cup of coffee, and it started happening again! The whole day. I went to my doctor, and finally got prescribed Medicine for my high BP, it’s Thursday now and in still feeling like crap. I haven’t had a serious episode, although I feel I might. And when I’ve used the restroom, I’ve noticed one if my eyes is dilated at some points during the day.. All In all, Mucinex DM is the devil. Don’t EVER take it.

both me and my sister suffered intestinal hemorrhaging after using Mucinex was both were hospitalized for over a week. This happened years apart and only after we realized that we both had a cold when it happened did we make the connection

Wow, Jeremy, that’s bad – hospitalized and hemorrhaging! I’m so scared of this drug now that I won’t take any cold medicines at all for fear of what they might do to me!

I took a generic version of something similar, the active ingredients being the detromethorphan HBr, as well as acetaminophen and an antihistamine (doxylamine succinate). I took one dose on Friday night and then woke up at 10:30 AM this (Sunday!) morning!!!! Taking this medicine, I literally missed out on an entire Saturday… blows my mind! It’s now Sunday evening and I still feel very nauseous and out of sorts. Since I woke up this morning, I seem to have flitted back and forth between states of consciousness/semi-consciousness, and then passing back out, a multitude of times. It sounds like my side-effects differ quite a bit from the side effects many others on this thread have experienced, but taking the meds and then waking up 36-hours later really freaked me out. Also, I believe that the antihistamine was a contributing factor in my case… Needless to say, I will definitely be avoiding these medications from here on out. My thoughts and best wishes go out to anyone else who has experienced, or currently is experiencing, this awful feeling.

I’m glad I am not the only one who experienced problems with Mucinex. My doctor recommended Mucinex DM to help with a sinus infection and when I told her I experienced a panic attack with it she switched me over to normal Mucinex (without the DM) which worked a lot better. But it was horrible-I was shaky, sweaty, and my heart was racing. I had this horrible feeling that I was going to pass away in my sleep and my mother stayed up with me all night and took the day off of work the next day because I didn’t fall asleep until 9 am. I did experience the sickness and diarrhea as others have mentioned and am surprised that 3 years later they still continue to sell this product.


This collection of comments is really something, and it shows the wide variation in people’s biology. Myself, I took Mucinex DM today and it has worked absolute wonders. I had been coughing and hacking my fool head off, and within about a half-hour after taking the pill, my symptoms had subsided by 80%.

My only complaint is that the Mucinex DM didn’t last 12 hours. The symptoms started to return about 6 hours later, so I did take another pill. I know this is potentially dangerous, but it does seem to work.

They told me since couldn’t do the Mucinex DM because some people like me have side effects like me I went back to the doctor office because of cough they said hi Bronchitis and Sinus they told me try Mucinex 1200 they said should help it as help a little post do it it for a week hopefully it works cough better then it was but still have it

Wow! Well I took the Mucinex 1200 mg t h e regular last nite before bed. Two hours later I wake up step out of bed and it was like I could not walk, rubber legs. I mzde it to the living room were a lamp was on. I looked at the lamp and it was all different colors and a ring around it. I yhought I done had a stroke are something nothing looked right. Then I went to the bathroom and looked in yhe mirrior at myself. Wow my eye looked like they where uneven on my face and were synk in my skull. Well till this point am freaked out but when I saw myself in the mirror I knew then it was the Mucinex and not a stroke are something. Went and sit on the ved for about 20…30 mins got back up and everything was almost back to normal other than befreaked out for a while. Now I found this site after I said let me google mucinex. Unreal people makers of mucinex should have the pants sued off of them. Never again its in the trash and I will tell everybody I know.

I am so happy to find this. I have taken mucinex twice, both times my doctor told me to take it due to a sinus infection. The Mucinex was in addition to being prescribed an antibiotic. To call what I had “diarrhea” is an understatement. What I had was fecal incontinence. I had to rush out of work, go home & I threw away the clothes I was wearing. I was shaky, dizzy and scared to death. Both times I took it, probably a year between both times, I had this reaction. Never, ever again.

Took this today as I had runny nose. I felt fine for a few hours and then upon doing some work around house, got extremely dizzy. I started to feel nauseous, so I ate thinking that would make me feel better. I’ve been drinking water for the past 2 hours and that is helping. I think a lot of the side effects are caused by dehydration. Still feel kind of funky, but water is helping. Definitely never taking it again….

I took the mucinex about an hour ago and immediately felt sick. My chest began to hurt and my heart felt like it was skipping beats. Ten minutes later I had a severe bout of diarrhea and vomiting. Took only half a dose. Feeling a little better now but will never take again

Anything with Dextromethophran (DM) will make you feel trippy and weird. It’s a mild hallucinogen and to this day I have NP idea why they put it in cold medicine. It does suppress your cough, but is tripping balls a fair payoff? I’d rather be sick. When I was in high school kids would take anything with DXM in it to trip. Coricidin, mucinex, delsym, robitussin, in fact its commonly referred to as “robo-tripping”. I’m surprised no one here has heard of this.

I know this is an old thread but hopefully this comment will help someone. I took one Mucinex DM max strength 12 hour tablet at about 8am this morning and laid down with my boyfriend. A couple hours later my chest started tingling and felt like it was on fire. I looked at my boyfriend and told him I was scared because my whole body started to tingle. At that point my anxiety started increasing and my whole body got warm. He lifted up my shirt and put his hand on my chest and told me to calm down cause my heart was racing. My palms also were sweating. A little bit later I got the most horrible nausea with confusion. I felt like I was on a bad acid trip of some kind, it was scary. I threw up 3 separate times from the nausea. I felt so scared by my reaction that I called my mom and told her to come get me. She gave me some Benadryl and I felt better about 15 mins later. DO NOT take this drug if you are sensitive to medication, especially things like cough syrup. Please take into consideration the side effects

I am so glad I found this thread. This past November I came down with a really bad sinus infection, that turned into bronchitis. A friend recommended Mucinex DM. I took ONE pill. About an hour later I started feeling weird. Then the panic, sweating, racing heart beat, tingling, nausea, diarrhea, pacing back and forth, feeling as if I was in a dream kicked in. As a former panic sufferer I thought I had a relapse with my panic attacks. I ended up in the ER and giving my past history with panic attacks, the Dr said I needed to see my primary care doctor. When I saw him I didn’t mention the mucinex that I had taken ( I thought my panic attacks were starting back up ) and I was put on antidepressants again. 5 months later antidepressants are actually making me worse so I googled mucinex panic attacks and here I am. I will definitely mention this to my Dr!!! This stuff needs to be pulled from the shelf!!

i took mucinex this morning on the account of my father telling me to, and im so high,i feel like ive been smokin weed, but ive been off weed for almost a whole year. wtf? te comany needs to let every one know about this. not jus leave us in the dark.

I took MucinexDM yesterday at noon after having long coughing spells from post nasal drip. I went back to bed and tried to rest. A couple hours later I got up from the bed and was feeling dizzy and nauseous. I started feeling really hot and uncomfortable. I went over to the bathroom and called for my boyfriend because I felt awful. I threw up the little that was in my stomach. I had lots of dry heaving as well. I felt better after throwing up. Also had diarrea right after that. Then I had a little bit of water and went back to rest. I went through the same thing twice more, getting up feeling awful and hot and then throwing up and dry heaving. I felt completely not myself yesterday and had one of the most miserable days of my life. I thought maybe I had the flu. I looked at the MucinexDM box and of course there were no side effects listed. I searched online for side effects but none seemed to match what I went through so I thought maybe I was just sick. But now that I found this website I’m grateful that I know for sure it was the medication. They really should pull these from the shelves. I will NEVER take another MucinexDM pill again. And I doubt I’ll ever try any other Mucinex pill. I would have rather had a bad cough than not be able to do anything all day. That was completely awful. They should be sued for having this on the market!

I know this post is older but I have stumbled upon it because I am experiencing all of the above. I’ve had a really bad dry cough for a week and was taking NyQuil/DayQuil. I woke up today and my coughs were a bit more productive so I decided to take some mucinex dm. My MIL is a respiratory therapist and she told me to take two because it’s what she takes. I regret everything. About fifteen mins later I was in and out of the bathroom “puking” spitting up sputum. It has now been five hours and I feel high. I have chills and am shaking. My head is pounding where previously I had no headache associated with the cough. I would go to the ER if I didn’t think they would send me away for it not being serious.

I know this is an old post but I am hoping it gets to you Patti. It is October 2015 and I just had my first experience with Muncinex DM (I have taken regular Muncinex a few times in years past, and had great results) first of all….thank you so much for your post and enabling a forum of great helpful comments from others! I had to search on-line for my “crazy” side effects from this drug after spending the past 20 hours of complete misery with the same side effects described by you and others. I am sitting here looking at the box in 2015 and there are NO side effects on this packaging. There is a warning regarding other drug use, but nothing to indicate the seemingly typical side effects we are experiencing.
I feel like I am receiving a magazine whenever the pharmacist fills a prescription but no mention of side effects on this OTC drug? Really! I thought I would do some checking to see what the FDA requires on OTC’s when I am feeling better and see if that helps me wrap my head around the fact of why, if is the case, these drugs (easier to obtain obviously) are not bound by the same regulations of disclosure that prescribed drugs are. It may or may not effect my decision to buy a certain drug OTC, but at least I will feel that I am making an informed decision with my health. If you don’t know, and wake up with the side effects we had (not talking about the “allergic reaction”) you fear the absolute worst is happening to you and really don’t consider it could be the drug you are taking the eliminate your illness! That is morally reprehensible for a drug manufacturer-they have done all the R&D…they know these could be considered typical side effects to some degree or another! And to realize it is happening to children “12 years of age and older!” So scary! This drug made by Reckitt Benckiser of England. Thank you again for taking the time to share with others in attempt to help. Blessings.

Wow I thought I was alone with this! I was at work one day and took a mucinex dm and within a hour or so I was sweating, dry heaving, dizzy, and disoriented. It was so bad that I left work and was afraid to drive home because I thought I would pass out at the wheel. I didn’t take another mucinex for a over a year. I’m sick with bronchitis and the doctor told me all I could do is rest and take mucinex. I normally would just rest but it’s the holidays and I don’t want to get anyone sick so I took a mucinex dm last night and it was horrible. Out of nowhere, hours after I took the mucinex, I had terrible stomach pain, nausea, and dry heaving. I thought the first time I may have taken some cold medicine before I took the mucinex and that was why I felt awful, but this time I didn’t take anything else. My boyfriends daughter had a similar experience 2 weeks ago on mucinex.

Took mucinex Pill to help fight mucus due to a lingering sinus infection. The past 24 hours have been painful. Within 4 hours, I had an upset stomach. 2 Hours after that severe diarrhea and vomiting. I have been shaky, batteling a fever, can barely eat and feel worse than when I took it. If you have a sensitive stomach, do not take this!

I am glad you shared this. I’m a 25 year old male with no history of any allergy or drug reactions and I took this drug for the first to time treat what you so correctly named the “crud.” The first symptom I noticed was the blurry vision where it seems like light after images were appearing. I completely wrote off a lot of the other symptoms due to the lack of sleep I was getting because of the cold and figured some of them were because of the cold. But I now see that it is most likely this drug. I stopped using it. It’s too early to tell if these symptoms will go away but I’m really hoping they do. Thank you I was about to schedule an eye appointment to possibly diagnose why I was losing my vision focus.

For those of you who don’t know, the DM stands for Dextromethorphan, which is a cough suppressant–same thing that’s in Robitussin DM. However, dextromethorphan can also be a rather powerful hallucinogen when it is consumed in excess. If you’ve ever heard the term Robo-tripping, or when rappers talk about “sizzurp”, this is what they are referring to. I took Mucinex DM for the first time last night and just based on how odd I feel now, I would assume that they probably have WAY too much of the DM in there. On the other hand, it’s also not something to get too worried about unless you’re hyperventilating as some have said, or your heart is racing and won’t stop as others have said.

I just am getting over a cold and had a very unproductive cough. I figured I would take mucinex to help break it up. I bought mucinex DM…. I took it last night after work about 9pm, I went to bed at 11pm. I felt fine. I woke up about an hour later OUT OF NO WHERE I legit just opened my eyes and I remember feeling like I was going back into my body and that I thought someone was trying to steal my body. I then felt my heart RACING OUT OF MY CHEST and feeling like “Omg I am dying” I went and walked around the house and I remember pushing on thr back of my head because I felt like my “parts weren’t on correctly” like I was this robot or something!
I completely like I was drugged and dying !! I woke up all thru out the night with the heart racing. When I woke up this morning my heart was still racing. I came across this website and I am so thankful I did because I REALLY felt like I was dying ! It has now been 24 hours since I took the mucinex DM and I am still not okay. My heart IS better than it was last night BUT it’s still irrugular faster than normal beating. I just didn’t feel like myself all day and out of it….

37 hours since I took only one mucinex dm and I woke up this morning with my heart racing again-it’s been 37 hours….. as I sit here and type this now my heart IS still not normal beating. It’s beating faster than normal but not as fast as this morning or two nights ago. I haven’t taking mucinex since the very first night and I only took ONE! I’m worried it might not go away !

Mucinex DM Maximum Strength had a strange effect on me when I took it for a cold a few years ago. I woke up at 3 AM all tweaked out and couldn’t go back to sleep. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling at all, though. I think this drug affects people in dramatically different ways.

Another warning that might be useful – after my Mucinex experience, I looked it up online and found that people commonly use it to get high, probably because you can buy it off the shelf in some states and because it’s relatively cheap and contains DXM, a.k.a. the active ingredient in purple drank.

I went to my Dr on Monday with a sinus infection. She told me to take augmentin with mucinex DM. I took my first pill Monday, with no ill effects. Took 2 on Tuesday, and figured the jittery feeling inhad was from the albuterol. I was coughing today at work and took another pill. Boy, do I wish I hadn’t. I seriously thought I was going to have to go to er. I’m nauseous, I have diarrhea, I’m dizzy, can’t concentrate or think straight. I’m dizzy. I will never ever take another of these pills.

I really regret taking two Mucinex DM tablets before trying just one. I’ve been very sick, this helped relieve my cough and runny nose. On the other hand, I’m very nauseated, sleepy, dizzy, and shaky. When you said you feel drugged that’s exactly how I feel. I looked up the side effects of the drug dextromethorphan (an active ingredient) and it makes sense. I just wish they put it on the package.

It felt exactly like being on acid! Fucking terrible!!!!! I almost called 911 on myself. I didn’t know what was happening to me. Never will I take that again! I’m finally able to think my normal thoughts and move around normally. I had almost complete loss of my fine motor skills. My body just did whatever it wanted. If I thought something bad was going to happen it convinced my brain that it was true. Crazy! Like I said I’m finally snapping out of it after forcing myself to lay down and close my eyes. Hours of craziness. And torture it seemed. Awful!

I was diagnosed with pneumonia. My doctor told me to take Mucinex DM. I got the generic Mucinex DM extra strength and took one tablet. In a little bit I was like what the heck. So glad to find this site with others experiences. I will not be taking anymore of this. I agree there should be more warning of what this product is and the side effects. I hope I feel better soon from taking the one tablet. I have dry mouth terribly and am drinking water constantly and chewing gum.

I took 2 mucinex dm, of an already opened box (I had used this before) around 7pm. I took 2 because the box said to take 1 or 2. My plan was to take 2, and then at work in 12 hours, take one. At 830pm I started feeling nauseated. I thought it was because I had been coughing so much that I was losing my voice and choking on mucus. I decided to try and eat some soup and crackers to calm my stomach. I was only able to eat 2 crackers and no soup.
I tried to watch some TV to get my mind off of it, but I felt almost drunk like and confused and couldn’t understand the show. I got up and went to the bathroom but nothing happened. I started getting ready for bed and had to sprint to the bathroom, where I vomited so much – and it was black. I threw up again (this time normal gross vomit), and noticed a pill in the vomit. Only then did I start to think about the mucinex.
I kept throwing up, and eventually had to sit on the toilet because I had serious diarrhea. I was heaving into a trash can and having diarrhea at the same time. Over the next 3 hours, I continued this until I threw up the 2nd pill, and was mostly throwing up mushed up pill and bile… and began dry heaving. My body was forcibly trying to get rid of the mucinex in any way possible. I was having cold sweats and dry mouth and just feeling awful.

Needless to say, I’m not going to work tomorrow. And I’m throwing away that expensive mucinex.

I took this crap a few years ago. Never again! The sight of my dilated pupils horrified me. I felt like someone else when I looked in the mirror. I thought I was a cat. I started meowing and hissing at my husband. He agrees that it was the medicine. We laugh about it now but at the time it was really scary.

I had a dose of Mucinex last night to clear my phlem….however all it did was make me so sick. I was throwing up for about 2 hours and I was so dizzy…I couldn’t even lay down or even stand up. I had to call someone to my house to sleep over I was so scared. I had vomited everything I felt better…. never again I will take this medicine.

Oh wow! I had a veerrry similar thing happen to me last year around this time and attributed it to a mix of advil and other decongestants one night when I’d had enough of my cold symptoms. But I think now it may have been the guiafinessin in the mucinex!! Scary!
The following morning I woke up and looked in the mirror. I had a full on panic attack when I saw how dilated my irises were. Everything looked brighter and I felt more unsteady than I ever had getting out of bed. There was a tingling sensation in my tongue right before I ran to hurl in the toilet. I was seeing stars and everything. I felt light headed and shaky for the rest of the day. I hydrated and laid in bed. I almost didn’t make it to class the next day, but thankfully I came down off of whatever that was and hope it never happens again.

I am second guessing taking any cold medicines other than of my own making right now as I am having cold symptoms again.

It is a staple in our house my husband gets frequent bouts of bronchitis and I have multiple sclerosis and I will get them after he does I started taking it right after he had the first signs and it did really good for me I also have hypertension and diabetes nothing got affected I check my sugar which is usually normal anyways blood pressure was fine the only thing is I had to urinate a lot but that could be from drinking too love the product

i was on antibiotics for diverticulitits and then took Mucinex 12 hour and nearly died. Much worse than a bad acid trip. As if I was leaving my body and was trying to hang on to this plane. so scary. thank god my gf was there to hold my hand and call 911 if my vitals changed at all.

I too, just took Mucinex DM because it was highly recommended by the pharmacist for my chest cold. I followed the instructions on the package and took two pills with my dinner. An hour an a half later, the sudden urge to use the bathroom came on. I was so incredibly dizzy, I was worried I wouldn’t make it to the bathroom. For the whole next hour, I was sick with vomiting and dry heaving. About four hours after the vomiting stopped, I woke up in a cold, dripping sweat, with my chest pounding. I thought I would vomit again, but I did not. I was awake for the rest of the night. I considered calling 911, but the symptoms subsided. I am at work today…. less than 24 hours after I took the pill. I do not feel right, but am feeling much better. For me, I think drinking ALOT of water seemed to help flush out whatever is left in my system. I felt like I was drugged. I cannot believe they sell this medicine over the counter. Thank you all for sharing your responses. I am so glad I am not the only one. I used to be a Mucinex user, but I will NEVER take any type of Mucinex again. So scary!! I highly recommend drinking Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) instead of all these cold and flu medicines. It works!

If you check the make up of this medication it is actually Robaxin, which is prescription medication for muscle spasms. The medication works by relaxing your sinus and lungs just enough to allow the mucus to flow freely without restrictions of normal body actions. If you are having trouble with aches, pain, swollen glands and trouble breathing you’re having an allergic reaction. I’m allergic to Robaxin and it does all the above to me, never take musenex or Robaxin ever again the symptoms will increase with another dose and it could be fatal.

It’s the high dose of the drug that causes the problem. You can get plain adult Robitussin (read the label and get the one with guaifenesin only in it). A teaspoon of it is 200 MG of guaifenesin. It will thin the mucus out but you will need to take it every 4-6 hours. It’s a lot better than how I feel when I take Mucinex DM BTW Robitussin also has a DM if you need the cough suppressant. But I will tell you, a 1 ounce shot of 80 proof alcohol (vodka, whiskey, etc) is a better cough suppressant than the OTC products.

Oh come on, be honest – if the package said “some users may have an allergic reaction” or “some users experience hypersensitivity to this product” would you have still taken it? Would you have even read it?

I’m willing to bet you would have still taken it anyways considering you admit to taking Tylenol (which is acetaminophen) and there is multiple warnings on those products, along with THOUSANDS of reported deaths each year, and TENS of thousands of deaths linked with long term usage each year.

Furthermore, I’m not even sure you would’ve read past the front label anyways. If you did, and you were that concerned with the ingredients, you would’ve noticed there’s much worse things in it then just the active ingredients (dextromethorphan hydrobromide, guaifenesin) such as titanium dioxide, edetate Disodium, trisodium citrate dihydrate, etc… The inactive ingredients in this products are much worse than the active ingredients (acetaminophen aside) and they’re commonly found in most otc products. Trust me, I don’t believe products should contain harmful things like this – which is why my wife and I only buy organic, and natural remedies – which not only tend to work better, but faster, and don’t mask the symptoms, they help fix the problem.

That said, you’re just being bitter over your own bad experience. Can we grow up and get over it? You’re trying to damage a brand because you didn’t get along with it. You run that risk with anything and everything in life. Please educate yourself more before you flame a company over them providing a completely legal product that many people count on when they get sick

I woke up with a cough and sore throat ine morning and by night-fall I decided to take Mucinex night time 12 hr in liquid form. Within seconds I started to get really bad stomach cramps and ran to the restroom with projectile vomitting. I had not vommited the way I did since I was in middle school. I did not take it on an empty stomach either.

My wife took Mucinex DM (2 tablets) at 11pm, and woke up at 4am feeling dizzy, cold sweats, and extremely nauseous. She’s been dry heaving for two hours and cannot settle. Also, her heart rate is racing. She’s taken this medication several times in the past without having any kind of reaction, as have I. Sounds like we’re in for a long 24hrs. Thanks everyone’s for sharing their stories as it sheds light on the seriousness of this medication.

Oh my – I am going through this right now but thank god I haven’t vomited or got the diarrhea. I just feel in a haze and so jittery and nauseous. I took the pill about 20 hours ago. I just want this feeling to go away!! I can’t believe you posted this 7 years ago and this product is still being marketed heavily on tv and nothing listed on the box. Thanks for your post – at least I know i might have another day of feeling this way. What can be done to get this off the market???

I found this post after experiencing some strange symptoms that I had never had before. I have had asthma and bronchitis problems for the past month. Violent coughing spells that were treated with three rounds of antibiotics and two rounds of steroids. The latest visit to urgent care gave me the addition of cough syrup with codeine for night time use, and to take Mucinex DM during the day.
Day one there was immediate relief in the chest tightness and cough started to become productive. Day two very productive but white mucus full of bubbles, like foam, I just thought this is how the medicine breaks up the mucus. Day three, my saliva is now full of bubbles that have distended my stomach to the point of discomfort and sending me running to the bathroom. As I had taken all other medicines before without any problems I reread the instructions for Mucinex Dm Maximum Strength.I realized that I had not taken it with a full glass of water as directed and as I had done the two days prior. I was told at the drugstore when I purchased this, that the two colors of the tablet are a fast-acting medicine and a slow release medicine, and I had taken the Mucinex only a few hours before. I immediately began drinking water, and symptoms subsided within an hour or so. Also took 400mg of Magnesium as recommended by a call to the urgent care. I had already drunk three bottles of water before my husband arrived home with the Magnesium so pretty confident that the lack of water was the real problem.
While my experience was much less intense than many of the stories I read here, I thought I would add this to the list just in case someone else experiences bubbly saliva.

Started the morning with solid congestion. Ate a piece of lightly toasted white bread and drank a bottled water. Took one tablet. Within 20 min my stomach began spinning. The congestion was gone but I didn’t notice with all the pain in my stomach. It felt like just my stomach was drunk. After drinking some more water I began violently vomitting. It’s come in waves. Can’t seem to shake it. Any advice besides never use mucinex?

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