The Today Show, Teens and Facebook

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How Much Information is Too Much Information?

Today, my daughter, Meridith, and I join in with The Today Show as we discuss teenagers and Facebook usage. Just how much information is too much information, and when is it in appropriate to share on Facebook?

Meridith was a source for Teen Vogue (February issue) in an article by Whitney Joiner discussing teens and social media. Of course, we all know that it is inappropriate for teens to bare their bods online – some of them haven’t gotten the memo yet, though. But when is it inappropriate to share news? Has texting and posting online substituted for real communication and interaction with this generation?

NBC’s Today Show is running a segment on the subject, and they interviewed Meridith and me. Tune into the show – the segment is scheduled to air at 7:38 a.m. CST – 8:38 EST (subject to change) or catch it when you can at Then join in the discussion here and let us know how often you check your teen’s FB page and potential issues you’ve noticed with teen online communications.  Post your comments and let’s have a constructive, interactive conversation – I’ll be here and encourage everyone to respond and post your thoughts!


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5 Responses to “The Today Show, Teens and Facebook”

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Watched the interview online!

I must say, I’m glad my ‘children’ (24 and 21) seem to have managed to use restraint online and still know how to talk in person. They even WRITE thank-you notes 🙂

There is such a need for this discussion!!! My husband teaches and coaches at the high school level and says the kids have near-panic attacks when their phones are taken up. I’m pretty sure I’m glad I don’t know what all goes on THERE….


Hi! Thanks for commenting – will have book cover in hand on Friday, then ebook is set to go! Yes, finally!

Kids in high school often disregard the rules, they feel a need to have a phone with them at all times, and now that phones have online capabilities, it’s even more prominent. I feel for teachers who must compete with the Internet and technology for their attention!

In order for my teens to be allowed to have a Facebook account they HAD to friend me. I routinely “stalk” (their lingo) their FB pages. There have been several times when what I felt were inappropriate conversations or posts occurred. By my being aware of them, we could then have a conversation about it and I could help them to learn the dangers of TMI. Teen brains do not function the same as an adult brain. Our jobs as parents is to help guide them through these sometimes turbulent years. It IS an invasion of privacy, but my responsibility as a parent is not to be their friend, but their advisor, protector, and advocate.

Love the way you worded that, Danielle. Our job is not to be their ‘friend’ but their “advisor, protector, and advocate.” Thanks!

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