Shut Up and Eat by Kathy Buckworth

Kathy Buckworth’s Shut Up and Eat, Tales of Chicken, Children and Chardonnay, dares to go where no mom has gone before: Right into my kitchen. I started reading the book and realized that she was describing my life and my daily woes satisfying six different people’s appetites every day of the year. Even the titles of the chapters are eerily true. For example, Grocery Shopping: Entering the Gates of Hell, had me nodding my head, cringing as I recalled the countless trips back and forth with four you-really-can’t-take-them-anywhere kids.

Kathy takes her readers through breakfast, lunch, and the family ‘bonding’ experience of dinner. She even goes into the woes of entertaining and trying to impress the in-laws. And she does it all with a strong dose of humor and a dash of sarcasm that provides the unique flavor of writing that Buckworth is known for in her parenting humor books.

Not one to point out a problem without providing a solution, Kathy’s empathy for her readers is revealed by her generosity in sharing her family’s favorite recipes. Sprinkled throughout the book is a cookbook within a book, finally giving moms everywhere an answer to the age-old dreaded question:  “Mom! What’s for dinner?”

Shut Up and Eat isn’t a Carol Brady book by any stretch of the imagination – it’s a great book for real moms who by virtue of their anatomy are subjected to the most critical critiques of their cooking possible – the ones from their own family. Read it and get one for a friend, too. The next time you’re sweating over a hot stove, you won’t feel so bad that you’re not June Cleaver and you’ll find comfort in numbers, knowing that you’re not alone when you finally look your little ones in the eye and tell them to “shut up and eat.”

Conclusion: I highly recommend Shut Up and Eat (Key Porter Books 2010). It brought laughter into my life and one place where it’s needed the most – into my kitchen! To order, visit or visit Kathy Buckworth’s website:

The review is unsolicited and unpaid. The opinions are entirely those of the writer/reviewer and no fees have been exchanged. Your opinions may or may not be the same!


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