Today, I Diet

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Today, Tuesday, May 3rd, I begin my diet – the one that I should have begun on this date last year.

Why today? Well, maybe because I saw a picture of myself yesterday. You know, those photographs you don’t want to be in, those photos that make you say, OMG, what in the hell happened?!! I could kid myself and say the camera adds 10 pounds, but the truth is, I’ve added that much and more since I started working at home, just a few feet from every woman’s nightmare – the kitchen.

Is it good to tell people that you’re conquering the battle of the bulge? I’m not sure, but since it’s been a while since I really tackled a weight problem, I figured some accountability would be helpful. You know, the voices of friends and foe, screaming STOP! Are you really going to put that in your mouth? How much have you eaten today? A spice drop, really?

Lisa Lewis says Being Fat Sucks! I agree. So I’m dusting off her book (available at  and working on the first thing that needs improvement, my mindset. There will be no official diet plan to follow, just sensible eating. Yes, there is an orange and carrots in the fridge. I might want to throw some other colors in the mix for variety.

While I sincerely appreciate any well-deserved jabs about my food intake, I do have to quell any tendency to prod me to workout. Not that I don’t need to, but I already have a drill seargeant who’s doing a impressive job getting on my butt about that. My youngest, Emily. I’ll let her take the reins on that one.

So, it’s time for me to walk the walk, instead of talking the talk. It’s time to diet. Anybody in?

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